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Shipping and Transportation Service

Trusted Shipping & Transportation Service

Valente Trucking Inc. started in 1969, aiming to become the go-to shipping and transportation service in Calumet Park, Illinois, and the Chicago area. We have since established ourselves as the most reliable and well-equipped company to trust with your shipments.

What We Stand For

We knew from the start that quality shipping services would require two major assets: seasoned drivers and superior equipment. Our drivers all have a proven track record for safety and do what it takes to ensure each shipment arrives as ordered. Our fleet is second to none when it comes to versatility and reliability.

Trust is another important factor in the trucking industry. As a client, you must be certain that your goods will arrive at their destination on time and in outstanding condition. You can expect our representatives to be honest and transparent with you at all times regarding what we can accomplish, as we never promise more than we can deliver.

The Smart Way to Transport Your Goods

You need to know that, no matter what you are shipping, it is going to arrive at its destination on time and in the same condition it was in when it left your warehouse. While that might seem a simple enough request, it actually takes the right team of drivers, trucks, and equipment to do it the right way.

Our local and regional trucking company understands what it takes to deliver superior shipping and transportation services to our clients. That means, when you work with us, you aren’t going to have to worry about your shipments--they are going to always arrive safely to their destination within the requested timeframe. When you know that your shipments are arriving as they should, it seriously helps you keep your company on track.

A lot can happen out there on the road, and you need to know that the company transporting your goods can handle any bumps on the way to delivering your shipment. Thanks to our impressive track record, you are able to rest comfortably knowing that we have got everything under control for you. Work with our proven drivers to see the difference we can make to your shipping experience.


Who We Are and What We Do

Valente Trucking, Inc.: A local and regional trucking company and LTL flatbed carrier.


We have tri-axle chassis’ for heavy loads! We will also do permitted loads, so give our new service a try I'm sure you will be satisfied.

Commodities: Steel products, bars, coils, pipe, plate, tubing, structural steel, aluminum products, lumber, forms, brick, concrete blocks and concrete products, equipment, forklifts, machinery, and machinery parts. These are just some of the items that we are capable of hauling.

LTL: With straight trucks local or tractor-trailers regional, with the commodities we transport.

Permitted loads: Over-weight, over-height, over-length and over-width.

Specialized Equipment: Lowboys, RGN's (Removable Goose Neck), drop-decks, step decks, extendable step decks, step decks with beaver tails, Conestoga tarping systems, expandable flatbeds, and vans trailers.

Expedited Service: For that customer that needs their material now we offer rapid freight transportation.

Brokerage: We are capable of making your pick-ups or deliveries that are out of our niche area using other carriers.

Contact us for a quote regardless of shipping location, destination, or commodity. Our qualified drivers work with clients located across the country.

Whether you need local transport or have a semi-tractor load that needs to go the distance, contact us at Valente Trucking Inc. We have been in Chicago serving transportation needs for more than four decades, with a dedicated staff that is reachable 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the week and by appointments on weekends. This staff includes:

Michael A. Valente Sr.
President / CEO
(708) 396-2380 ext. 216

Wayne Valente
Operations Manager
(708) 396-2380 ext. 214

Michael A. Valente Jr.
Maintenance Supervisor
(708) 906-4802

Lynne Oesterle
Regional Dispatch
(708) 396-2380 ext. 212

Don Skafgaard
Local Dispatch
(708) 396-2380 ext. 213

Diana Grivakis
Intermodal Dispatch

Craig Godsey
Safety Director
(708) 396-2380 ext. 211

Kathy Valente
Accounts Receivable
(708) 396-2380 ext. 210

Cathy Tarena
Accounts Payable
Ext. 217 |