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Freight Shipping for Loads of Any Size

For fast freight shipping for loads of any size, including LTL freight, come to Valente Trucking Inc. in Calumet Park, Illinois. Our specialty is intermodal containers from Chicago ramps and terminals. However, we are also capable of making your pickups or deliveries outside of our service area, acting as a broker with other carriers. Call for a quote, regardless of your shipping location, destination, or commodity.


Valente Trucking Inc. is capable of hauling a wide variety of products, including steel bars, coils, pipes, plates, tubing, and structural steel. You can also ship aluminum products, lumber, forms, brick, concrete, forklifts, machinery, and heavy equipment. These are just some of the items that we are capable of hauling, so call for details. Be sure to ask about expedited service if time is a factor!

LTL & Heavy Hauling

We are expanding our operation to include more specialty hauling. This includes less than truckload (LTL) shipping as well as heavy hauling. LTL shipping includes small local truckloads and slightly larger regional loads that still require a tractor trailer. On the other hand, we are also able to carry loads that are over-width, over-height, over-weight, and over-length, thanks to specialized equipment like:

• Lowboys
• RGN's (Removable Goose neck)
• Drop Decks
• Step Decks
• Extendable Step Decks
• Step Decks with Beaver Tails
• Conestoga Tarping Systems
• Expandable Flatbeds and Van Trailers
Freight Shipping for Loads of Any Size

Flatbed and Specialized Hauling Services

Drive for Us

Freight hauling companies are only as good as the drivers they have transporting loads safely from point A to point B. At Valente Trucking Inc., we believe that we are an outstanding company that provides admirable service to all of our clients. That’s why the demand for our services is constantly growing. Because we take our commitments to on-time freight delivery seriously, experienced flatbed and hauling drivers are wanted immediately at our company.

As we continue to grow our client list to keep pace with the shipping contracts we secure, we also need to expand our employee base, increasing our workforce. Our HR department is always busy, but they are never too busy to welcome new applicants and provide all of the information you need when you apply to be one of our drivers.

Taking Care of Our Drivers

We realize that trucking is a competitive industry with many companies competing for talent where experienced flatbed and hauling drivers are wanted. That is why we focus on recruitment and do our best to stand out by treating our drivers as vital and well-appreciated members of our team. It is a commitment that we take very seriously because we understand our drivers are individuals first and foremost, with families and friends that matter to them. That is why our drivers matter to us.

We are looking for experienced flatbed and hauling drivers with a minimum of two years' flatbed experience and a good driving record. Our local drivers are home every night, and our regional drivers are generally home every other night. Our service area reaches approximately 400 miles from Chicago, and average hauls are about 225 miles. Benefits include hospitalization, dental, vision, long-term disability, Aflac, 401K, vacation, and prepaid legal. Our safety director, Craig Godsey, is happy to answer your questions about the job or connect you with someone who can help.

Specialty Hauling

We are expanding our operation to include more specialty hauling. We have 35 & 50-ton RGN's (Removable Goose-Neck Trailers) extendable flatbed trailers tandem and tri-axles that open from 60 to 80 feet, step decks, extendable step deck, step deck with beaver tail and hydraulic tail trailers are available. We also have tri-axle tractors for heavy haul loads. We can do all types of permit loads, over width and over height shipments, and rapid freight transportation. Call us today for a quote.

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